It is undoubtedly true that housing is the major crisis in the Dhaka city. With years of experiences and thoughtful realization of the growing needs of this Metropolis, we have come to take part to solve that housing problem. Our aim is to provide rock solid secured, comfortable & ultimate in high life style living condition and state of the art facilities for your family's safety & security with in a limited and down to earth investment.

SHAYMOLI PLAZA is one of our superb apartments projects at 27/2/C , Shaymoli, Road –03, Prime location of Dhaka city. Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Bazar, park, Shangsad Bhaban & Different Govt.offices are within a walking distance from the project.

The project comprises of a 10 storied residential building having 18 apartments. It has been designed to suit contemporary life styles with particular emphasis in allowing sufficient natural light & ventilation, not only in individual apartment but also in the common spaces.

BANGLADESH DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LTD. (hereinafter BDC) is the builder & developer implementing the apartments complex with all facilities described in this brochure.

Features and Amenities:

1. Buliding Entrance /Reception
  • Secured decorative main gate commensurating the elevation and perspective of the building.
  • Attractive apartment's logos with plantation
  • Comfortable internal Driveway
  • Guard post & accommodation
  • Toilet, Kitchen, Drivers Waiting at ground floor.
  • Impressive reception desk with reception area & intercom .
2. Walls and Partitions:
  • Internal & external walls 5" thick of 1st class bricks.
  • Wall surfaces of smooth finished plaster with decorative as per Architects design.
3. Room Finishes:
  • Homogeneous Floor tiles (RAK/Equivalent) in all rooms and verandahs.
  • Acrylic plastic emulsion paint in all internal walls and white distemper on Ceilings (Berger /Elite/Equivalent).
4. Outside Paint :
  • Weather coat paint /cement paint at exterior walls (Berger/Elite) as per Architect's Choice.
5. Door and Windows:
  • Imported /Solid wooden Segun decorative entrance Door with heavy duty Lock, Doorchain, Check viewer, Apartment Number etc.
  • All internal doors are of Strong & durable veneer flush door shutter with Polish.
  • Rain Protected door shutter in verandahs as per Developer choice.
  • All bathrooms doors of upvc.
  • Sliding window as per architectural design of the building Thai aluminum 5 mm thickness clear glass.
6. Toilet features:
  • RAK/Equivalent commode, lowdown and pedestal basin in master & 2nd bathrooms will Have RAK oriental pan, lowdown & basin in the toilets ( except maids toilet).
  • Glazed wall tiles in all bathrooms upto full height of 7 (Seven) feet ( RAK/Equivalent) (except maids toilet).
  • Ceramic floor tiles in all bathrooms ( RAK/Equivalent).
  • Basin mirrors of good quality with overhead lamp provision.
  • Good Quality local made cp fittings (Satter/Montaha /Sunbird/Equivalent).
  • Good quality soap cases, Paper holder an towel rails all bathrooms except maids Toilet
  • Maids toilet with Long pan and lowdown
  • Storage spaces over toilets, except servant toilet.
  • Glazed wall tiles (RAK/Equivalent) upto 5' height in servants toilet.
  • Concealed hot and cold water line in Master Bath.
  • One bath tab in Master bath.
7. Kitchen:
  • Shelf at 2.5 feet height from floor level with lines.
  • Double burner Gas point over tiles topped platform.
  • One highly polished stainless steel sink (Foreign) with sink cock.
  • One bib cock and soap case under the shelf.
  • Good quality tiles on floor & tiles at wall upto false slab height.
  • One foreign made exhaust fan on suitable location.
  • Provision for Hot & cold water.
8. Electrical Features:
  • MK type (ABB /Equivalent) electric switches and sockets.
  • Provision for Air conditioner in Master Bed and 2nd Bed.
  • Telephone socket in master Bed , 2nd Bed , Family living.
  • Verandahs with suitable light points.
  • Concealed intercom line at suitable location.
  • Concealed satellite TV/Dish cable in the F. Living and Master Bedroom.
  • Two Refrigerator points & one washing Machine point at suitable location.
  • Adequate power points (Two pin ).
9. Lift Lobbies & Staircase:
  • WSpacious lift & stair lobby in each floor.
  • Special floor tiles in all lift & stair lobbies and staircase with proper lighting system.
  • Fire extinguisher in each lobby.
  • Imported Good quality (European origin) passenger lift of adequate passengers capacity.
  • Parapet wall of adequate height in rooftop.
  • overall exterior lighting for security & beautification.
  • Water pump of adequate capacity & one stand by pump.
  • Sub Station
  • European Generator of adequate capacity for emergency power in common spaces stairs .lift & four light points & two fan points at each apartment.
10. Engineering features:
  • Planned and designed by professional Architect and Structural, Electrical & Plumbing Design Engineers.
  • For all service connections disposals (sewerage, solid waste, etc.) BNBC Building code will be followed.
  • Structural design parameters are based on American concrete institute (ACI) and American standards of testing materials (ASTM) and BNBC codes.
  • Sub-soil investigation and soil composition have been analyzed from laboratory.
  • Building will be comprised of reinforced cement concrete (RCC) foundation, column, beam and slub considering seismic and wind effect with modern design concept.
  • Comprehensive checking and testing of all steel reinforcement and cement will be conducted by professional Engineers.
  • All structural materials including steel (deformed bar) cement (Scan, CEMEX, Holcim, Lafrge, King Brand etc.) Stone chips, Sylhet sand, etc. will be of highest available standard.
11. Major structural materials:
  • 60 Grades MS deformed bar will be used .
  • Cement: Portland cement of reputed local company will be used in construction work.
  • Aggregate:3/4" down Graded best quality crashed stone chips will be used for foundation and column.
  • Best quality pickets chips will be used for slab & horizontal beam.
  • Best quality 1st class bricks of standard size & shape will be used.
  • Sand: 2.5 FM sylhet sand 1.5 FM medium local sand.

Terms and condition:

  • Application for allotment of apartment should be made in the prescribed application from duly signed by the application along with the 1st down payment.
  • Allotment of apartments will be made on first come first serve basis. On acceptances of an application, BDC will issue an allotment letter to the application on which the application shall start payments as per the schedule of payments contained in the agreement/allotment letter.
  • Allotees(s) shall have to pay transfer fees, Stamp, Duties, Registration costs, Documentation charges, VAT, Miscellaneous Expenses likely to be incurred in connecton with the deed of agreement, Allotment, Registration, Transfer ctc. And any other charges as per Govt. rules and notifications.
  • The buyers must take payments of all installments and other charges within due dates to ensure timely completion of the construction.
  • The Buyer(s) must make payments of all installments and other charges within due dates to ensure timely completion of the construction.
  • Connection fees/ chages, security deposits and other incidental charges relating to Gas, Water and power connection etc. are not included in the price of apartment. These charges/ fees will be made by the allottee(s) to the BDC who in turn will make payment directly to authorities concerned.
  • In case of delay in payment beyond the due date upto two months, the allottee(s) shall have to pay a delay fee of Taka 20,000/- (Twenty thousand only) in lump sum. If the payment is delayed beyond two months, BDC shall have the right to cancel the allotment and allot the same to some one else. In such an event the amount paid by the Buyer will be refunded within 3 months of cancellation after deducting Tk. 100000/-(One Lac) only as service charge.
  • If allottee(s) at any time decides to s surrender his/her allotment, BDC will refund the amount paid by the allottee(s) only after allotting it to some one else after realizing the installment moneys for the new allottee(s) & deducting Taka 100000/- (One Lac) only as service charge.
  • Various interior desiging and additional fittings & fixture as per choice of allottee(s) other then one schedule, may be done by BDC the cost of allottee(s) concerned.
  • If it is necessary to make any minor changes in the specification, design and layout of the apartments and any other facilities due to unavoidable reasons, BDC reserve right to do so considering the overall interest the project.
  • The completion period of the construction may be affected by unavoidable circumstances beyond the control of BDC like forcemajeure, natural calamities, political disturbance, strikes etc.
  • Any defect or default in construction work may be realized after delivery of possession, provided the allottee(s) raises the point of defect within six months from the date of delivery of possession, will be fixed by the BDC. No Claim beyond this period of six months shall be entertained.
  • For reason beyond the control of the company including Act of God or Economic condition, Company may abandon the project and terminate the contract without any compensation to the allottee(s) .In such an event company shall be bound to refund the down payment and all installments deposited by the allottee(s).
  • The allottee(s) shall be the owner of the allotted apartment along with proportionate portion of land after full payment of the dues transfer of the apartment physically and through a registered Deed of Sale.