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"Giant oaks from little acorns grow", Progressive Marketing Ltd is the perfect illustration of this popular saying. From a very small trader and importer of paper and Formica as a proprietorship concern in 1986 BDG-Magura Group has expanded into a dynamic business enterprise in the last one and half decades with activities in the domestic and international trade.

BDG-Magura Group's major trading items include quality writing and printing papers, fluting medium, Kraft liner, warping paper, simplex and duplex boards, converted stationery products including photo copy paper, exercise books, writing pads, spiral note books, continuous forms, carbonless paper and file folders. In addition to dealing with paper and related products BDG-Magura Group is also involved in the trading of other product varieties produced by the different industrial units of BDG-Magura Group, this includes food and allied products, herbal items including herbal medicine, cosmetics and foods. The company is also involved in marketing of housing and real estate and garments to the domestic and international customers.

The trading company of BDG-Magura Group is handling an almost endless range of items, from basic materials to industrial products for wide range of consumers. Handling of vast number of items requires a similarly broad range of expertise, from market research to trading and post transaction services.

BDG-Magura Group always acts as per behaviour of the market, which is always changing at a fast rate. Through close monitoring of the worldwide trend of market liberalization, the company tends of exploit the advantages of maximization of its financial activities. BDG-Magura Group provides cross-corporate support to BDG-Magura Group's production unites. With the best co-operative tradition, BDG-Magura Group's Trading Houses uncompromisingly put into force its global resources as well as its strong position in the home market for rendering best customers services. Progressive Marketing Ltd. in particular, enjoys a commanding wholesaler and distributor of various types of important products mentioned above. Keeping pace with the global economic activities, Progressive Marketing Ltd. is now expanding its trading activities in the international market in the real perspective.


  • 1.  Quality Writing & Printing Papers
  • 2.  Fluting Medium, Kraft Liner
  • 3.  Warping Paper
  • 4.  Simplex and Duplex Boards
  • 5.  Converted Stationery Products